Leadership Beyond the Classroom

Leadership Beyond the Classroom is a course offered to all grade 4-8 students at CLMS.  This course combines opportunities for students to experience leadership and outdoor education inside and outside of the school.  The course teaches students to become clear thinker and enlightened citizens who participate in decisions regarding the school and society. Students will have to opportunity to learn about various organizations in the community, to investigate and analyze issues in the community, and learn to work together to create solutions.  This may range from solving the shortage in the community food bank, to working with senior citizens to bridge the intergenerational gaps, and to learning about empathy for animals, just to nake a few.  CLMS students have the opportunity to initiate many citizenship projects to poistively impact the community both locally and globally.

Field trips:

Human Society        Seniors Centre        Food Bank       Gymnastics         Outdoor Cooking          Community Garden        

WE Day                    Golf                         Tubing             Biking                  Kayaking