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Dear CLJH Families,

As you may know, Cold Lake will see a partial eclipse on Monday, April 8 from 11:50 am until 1:50 pm.  We are taking some safety precautions to help students resist the temptation of looking directly into the sun to see the eclipse. While students will be in class for part of the time, there is a portion of the eclipse that will occur over lunch hour.  Generally speaking, our lunch hour will not change.  The closed campus for grade 7 and 8 students remains in place with students staying in the school or under the covered basketball courts.  We are asking families of grade 9 students to bring lunch Monday so that the students do not have to leave the school grounds for lunch.  Grade 9 students who need to leave campus to get their lunch will be permitted, but when they return will need to stay inside with everyone else.  We will try to broadcast the eclipse online over monitors for students to watch.  Students can also see the eclipse over lunch hour by using their phones.  The websites below are good resources about safety and general information about the eclipse.

Mr. Whaley


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