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Hornets Hub - Week #32

Assurance Survey
Alberta Education will be mailing parents and guardians instructions on how to access and complete this year’s Alberta Education Assurance Survey. The assurance survey is replacing the Accountability Pillar survey that some parents may be familiar with from prior years.

Parents and guardians of students in grades 4, 7 and 10 will be asked to complete the survey. Due to COVID-19, Alberta Education is encouraging parents to complete the survey online. Northern Lights recognizes that not all parents may be able to complete the survey online; if you would like a paper copy of the survey, please contact the school to make arrangements once you have received the link and code from Alberta Education.

Northern Lights strongly encourages all parents and guardians to complete the survey. The results give us important feedback about what we are doing well, and areas where we can improve. If you have any questions about the survey or about the topics covered by the survey, please discuss them with your school administration.

Mental Health Week - It Starts With Hope 
May 3-9 is Mental Health Week. Northern Lights Public Schools is pleased to launch its new It Starts with Hope project, which will include a variety of activities and initiatives focusing on hope and the positive impact it has on mental health. For more information visit

We would like to express our appreciation to Imperial Oil for supporting our “It Starts with Hope” project, which will include a variety of initiatives in our schools that focus on hope. We are very excited to introduce this to our staff, students, and parents!

Board approves Multi-Configuration option for Cold Lake schools 
The Northern Lights Public Schools Board of Trustees has approved the recommendation of the Cold Lake Configuration Committee to proceed with the proposed Multi-Configuration Scenario for the division’s schools in Cold Lake. For more information, visit

Upcoming Events

  • April 30 - Family Friday

Special Days

  • April 22 - Earth Day
  • April 29 - International Dance Day


  • National Month of Hope
  • Autism Acceptance Month
  • Alberta Education Week (April 27 - May 1)


• Be honest and give age-appropriate information
• Occasionally be open about your own emotions
• Help children see it is okay to have feelings AND show them that you can manage them

• Children look to the adults around them to learn how frightened they should be
• It’s helpful if adults take in the news and then convey it to children, rather than children viewing
news on their own
• Discuss news in the context of a supportive relationship and in manageable bits
• Help children learn about credible news sources

• Ask about what they are hearing and thinking
• Respond to their questions with facts
• Use developmentally appropriate language and relatable examples
• Follow their lead of where their thoughts are going, and help them limit the amount of time spent focusing on them.

• Be available for questions or expressions of emotion
• It’s okay if you don’t have all the answers; your presence can help them tolerate not knowing
• Find simple activities to keep busy and shift attention when they’re ready

• Participate in regular activities as much as possible
• Eat, sleep, bathe, and play at regular times that children are used to
• Help children know what they can do – this builds self-efficacy (this may include chores around the house, creating new things, continuing to play, etc.)

*Strategies provided by the Crisis and Trauma Resource Institute (2021)

Covid-19 Safety Section
Please use the most up-to-date Daily Checklist before sending your child to school. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to call the school. 
Our school has always been committed to keeping students, staff, and families safe. Our COVID-19 safety measures are outlined in the NLPS Re-Entry Plan, which can be accessed at Here are some highlights:

  • We have increased sanitization in our school, especially in high touch areas
  • All staff and students in grades 4-12 are required to wear masks
  • Hand sanitizer is available at all entrances and in all classrooms
  • Staff and students are encouraged to practice physical distancing at all times
  • Staff and students use the Covid-19 Daily Checklist before coming to school

Safe Arrival/Students Absent from School
Parents are asked to call the school, 780-594-5623, prior to the morning registration at 8:35 am if your child will be absent. If your child is ill, please call the school. Parents must register their child to ride the bus. Please contact the transportation department 1-877-826-6038

School Cash Online
Please go to to pay for various school activity fees, to order hot lunch, or to purchase concession cards.

CLMS Clothing Order
Get your Spirit Wear Now at Items can be purchased online all year long and picked up at K3 Promotions. We have so many items to choose from! Masks, tees, long-sleeves, jackets, toques, ball caps, and more! Get your CLMS Spirit Wear today and rep the best middle school ever!

CLMS School Education Plan

  1. Supporting Student Mental Health and Wellness; increase positive mental health and wellness and reduce anxiety.
  2. Increasing student achievement and competencies in numeracy

Fun Fact of the Week: Crabs that have lost legs can regenerate them over time. The leg breaks off at a special joint. Before molting, a new limb bud, with all the remaining leg segments, grows out of the joint. After molting, the new leg is smaller than the others.

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